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-In Progress-

I’ve had an interest in art and making things for as long as I can remember.
My first dive into creativity began with my grandmother, who taught me how to paint (a pastime I still revel in, when given the opportunity). And while brushstrokes and an eye for detail came naturally to me, I found myself lacking when it came to colour theory. Perhaps I didn’t have the patience, at the time. Being a perfectionist, even the simplest paintings were never quite “finished” and layer upon layer spent seeking the ideal hue could easily dissolve into a mess of smudges and splatters.
I always enjoyed myself, nonetheless.
My mother and grandfather, with a history as chefs and bakers themselves, instilled me with a great respect for food and the ceremony around sharing a good meal with others. The fine amalgamation of art and science that cooking is, it is a craft I still aspire to hone to this day. Though, admittedly prone to throwing caution to the wind and experimenting with recipes (with some “interesting” results), it’s a fine cause and something I take great pride in with each success.
Fond memories of meals shared should be savoured – with a glass of wine.

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